Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cover Great Gatsby

The city below her face and the colors it looks extremely vibrant

The random black lines going across the cover i Think they point to something

Her eyes look like they have a yellow human in them

Her blue face and the vibrant city don't go together.

Do you think this is a person looking down on the american dream?

Yes because her face is the people she talks too and she wants to be living the american dream\

The blue represents the darkness that is undiscovered in Gatsby life

Friday, February 17, 2017

Chapter 15-17

Chapter 15 

Do you think Ruth's education played a role in how she raised her children on education?

It must hurt Ruth when Tateh says to her he still loves her.

Why do you think Ruth is unable to go through with her graduation? Whats holding her back?

This in my opinion is Ruth's rock bottom when Peter Marries another women

Chapter 16

Ruth begins driving This would be surprising if i were James and I would wonder why.

I think Ruth doesn't like driving because it reminds her of her old life and she never wants to go back to that.

James now is realizing he needs to change his life. He is climbing the mountain.

In climbing the mountain he looks to god for guidance.

Chapter 17

I think Ruth left the factory because she couldn't take it anymore her wall finally broke and she had to leave.

I think its called lost in Harlem because Ruth is looking for herself and she is trying to find a job and find out what she wants to do

Ruth doesn't know Rocky wants her to be a prostitute.

Why do you think Rocky is so persistent?

Chapter 12-14

Chapter 12

When she says i got eight kids and they like movies: It shows that no matter what she is dedicated and loyal to her kids.

When  he is describing how his stepdad journey went it shows. The ups and downs of a black man back then.

Why do you think James calls Hunter daddy?

When Hunter and James have that rare moment of intimacy how do you think this will influence James later in life.

Hunter dying was a very emotional and sad point in the book

Chapter 13

It seems like Ruths grandparents are the only people that treat her well.

She has to not have alot of faith with her aunts being and other people in her family treating her bad.

Looking back do you think Rachel regrets the abortion or would still do it?

Why do you think Aunt Betsy did this?

Chapter 14

I notice people when they lose a loved one go to the life of crime like James did.

It seems like chicken man had been gthrouh a rough patch and he didnt want James to go down the same road.

It seems when James gets fired is rock bottom and the only place he can go now is up,

It also seems when someone gives James advise they die soon after. I wonder why?

Chapter 9-11

chapter 9

When she is explaining the butchering of the cow: I know my grandma used to have to do this and she now is vegetarian because of it.

When she says nobody liked her as a kid: Do you think this is true? or is this all in her head?

Its suprising she is still so dedicated to the Jewish fate when she doesn't like it.

When she says she was starving for affection. How do you think this influenced her parenting ways?

chapter 10

When the mother tells the kids to stop askinh questions. Do you think this is because she doesnt want to go back and explain her old life?

When the child calls James the N word and he doesnt fight back. Do you think this is because James is scared or because he is embarresed?

I feel as if James is finding himself when he says books and music were becoming big parts of his life.

Do you think the teasing his brothers give James is good or bad for him?

Is the queen/king system used im most houses?

Chapter 11

Its so Ironic that her dad hates 'blacks but she marries a black man.

They are in obvious danger with the clan but they still continue to see each other.

She could not have gotten pregnent at a worse time with a worse person. How do you think she feels right now?

Why do you think her mother told her to go to New York?

chapter 2-5

Chapter 2

"Step father found on the street in Brooklyn and hauled home a few months before he died." This shows not only did his father die but his step dad died as well this might shape the person he becomes in the future.

"She was the commander in chief of our house." This from the first chapter shows that she is very strong willed and wears the pants around everyone

It doesn't seem as if they have a lot of money, and I wonder if this is having an impact on the family. The fact that they sleep 4 to a bed shows that they probably don't have a lot of money.

Her oldness: I think this shows how unique his mother was in her lifestyle and in her everyday activities,.

When she messes up there names. It reminds me of my mom who only has two kids

Chapter 3

Love had nothing to do with it. This shows her parents weren't in love they came together by Jewish law.

The father would threaten them with going back to America. Which shows hes not very loving.

My family wasn't allowed to talk about death. This shows the family wasn't comfortable talking about these subjects with the children

Chapter 4

Her rule was law: This shows that no matter what the mother had respect in the house

God made me Again shes showing god doesn't have favorites.

Trusted no outsiders of either race. Probably because of her life that she has led.

When James punches the black panther son.  It shows the love he has for his mother and how far he is willing to go.

Chapter 5

We were poor Jewish and my mom was handicapped. Do you think she feels insecure about this?

Suffolk is described as a small town exactly how I pictured it.

When they called her Jew baby I think that hurt her psychologically.

And the fact that her father did sexual things to her might of had a physiological affect on her in the future.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Color of Water chapter 6-8

Chapter 6

Sounded like a cross between a cold engine trying to crank on a October morning, and a whining Maytag washer. This is a really good description of her singing it reminds me of my mother,

Rev Owens was a very passionate pastor and the kids loved him. I wonder if he will show up later in the book.

When James mother is crying in church, why do you think she is doing this? Is it because she needs god or because god has helped her so much?

God is the color of Water. This is obviously the line the author is trying to get across our head and I think it is a line that shows how god has no Bias and that god looks at us all as equal.

Chapter 7

When she says the klu klucks clan came and all the black people ran to there houses, It shows the immense amount of authority and power the clan had. 

Mrs. Brown was one of the few ehite folks nice to me. I wonder why that is?

If you got sick you died. It shows how hard the times were back then an how little people knew about treatments for sickness and disease.

When her aunt says Stay out of our lives. It shows how the family thinks of her and how they interpret her.

Chapter 8 

Tasted like sand and butter. assortment of chairs. A solitary toothbrush would cover five sets of teeth.

trade secrets, argue, commensurate, spy, continue chess.

McBride uses diction to suggest that his home is _chaotic and crazy_____ but also _home to these kids and familiar.____. 

Her grits tasted like sand and butter. I thought was a very unique way of describing her food.

The mother seems very hard nosed and is very passionate about the kids completing there schoolwork or else a beating would happen.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chapter 1

Rachel Shlisky is dead as far as im concerned. This shows even though we dont know her story how far she has come. And what she had to leave behind in order to start her new life.

She also states there were many you msnts and you cants. I think it shows she may have not enjoyed her childhood. I think this backstory will be explained throughout the novel.

Shes the one person I didnt do rught by was her Mother, I think this shows a bit of regret creeping into her mind. Because she was so gentle and sweet she didnt show her the same affection and love.